The Project

Welcome to JSIS 216: Science and Society

This blog is my Ad-Hoc Honors project to be completed under the guidance of Prof. Vladimir Chaloupka. This is an academic blogging journal. I will write a new entry of at least 2 pages every week, consisting of responses to and analysis of course material presented that week. Each week’s entry will build upon previous material in the course – making this academic blog a truly cumulative and term-long experience. This will allow me to explore class concepts in much greater depth.

JSIS 216 is an inherently interdisciplinary course – it examines the intersection of the hard and social sciences, of human emotion and cold logic.

At the end of the term, I will integrate what I have learned into a final, longer reflection – possibly referencing my Term Paper. I will integrate my learning in the course to other knowledge I have acquired in JSIS, BIO, CHEM, and PHYS courses – trying to identify and explicitly outline such relations to my blog readers.

The additional work I will complete is twice as many article responses than required in the standard coursework – I will write one weekly, as opposed to the bi-weekly article responses other students will be writing.

The resources I will use will include class readings, articles from UW Libraries and Databases, and learning from other courses.

Motivations and Goals of this Honors Project

My motivation for pursuing this ad-hoc project is my sincere passion for studying the intersection between the hard and social sciences. I am currently completing a double degree in International Studies (General) and Biology (General). I decided to go this route in my undergraduate career because I love learning about the world in different ways – not simply through the eyes of a scientist or a historian.

From this project, I hope to gain an even deeper understanding of the relation between science and society, and the implications for human civilization, than I would completing standard coursework. In doing so, I will be directly feeding my passion for interdisciplinary learning.

Additional Ad-Hoc Work & Educational Goals of JSIS 216

This additional work connects with the educational goals of the course in two ways:

First, it explores the course material in more depth and relates it to other knowledge gained in other classes. In the Course Syllabus, it is stated that the purpose of this class is to educate students about the interdisciplinary aspects of science and how it relates to real life. By connecting my work in JSIS B 216B to that in other classes will allow me understand the relation between science and real world social consequences much better.

Second, by uploading my academic article responses to a blog, I will be sharing this educational experience with the greater public audience. This also aligns with another educational goal of the course – namely, spreading awareness of the issues discussed and increasing the education of students in non hard-science disciplines about science issues.


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